The Autism Impact Fund is looking for two founding general partners to oversee investments in technology and life sciences. 

The organizing committee will select the two founding general partners, but it will be these two founding general partners who will truly co-found, run and operate the fund. The organizing committee will provide help with logistics, fundraising, networking, and some oversight; in conjunction and with the support of advisors and the wider community of autism charities and research organizations. 

Ideal Criteria for General Partners

  1. Family member with autism

  2. Track record as a successful early-stage investor

  3. Familiarity with the current needs of the autism community

  4. Connections and excellent reputation in impact investing

  5. One investment partner with deep expertise in life sciences 

  6. One investment partner with deep expertise in software/services startups

Fund Structure

$80 Million Investment Vehicle

  • Early stage investments in 30-40 companies

  • High-impact investments ranging from  $250K-$1.5MM

  • Seed two accelerators to support an autism-focused ecosystem, develop co-investors, and provide deal flow.


$20 Million Philanthropic Grants

  • Support feasible, scientifically-valid, and useful research that identifies and addresses the multiple systems involved in autism 

  • Scale best-practices

  • Provide returns if the grants generate intellectual property, investment rights, or royalties